Farm Estates, Leisure Attractions and Farm Parks

Who Am I, What Do I Do?

  • First appointed as a Health and Safety Adviser in 1982
  • Established as a Sole Practitioner in February 2007, practising in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland
  • Was brought up on a working farm, and a large country estate
  • Leaving agriculture for a while, I worked for two FTSE 100 companies in a number of safety related roles including project management
  • Have extensive experience of working with enforcing authorities, devising industry codes of practice and mediation where conflicts have arisen
  • Provides a legal support service, including incident management and client representation
  • Have been working with the National Farm Attraction Network devising Risk Management Processes and Working Procedures
  • Have worked closely with the NFAN Working party which is setting up the proposed safety scheme. Is the main author of the Safe Practice Notes which was published in September 2010
  • Appointed Interim Chairman of NFAN in November 2010
  • Established a practice in supporting Planning Applications for agriculture and riding establishments that include public attendance. Has appeared at Planning Apeal hearings as an Expert Witness
  • Is well aware of the management techniques required for managing voluntary and young person’s workers
  • Includes practical issues of access and self-management for disabled persons as part of the overall assessment of the location
  • Clients include Animal and Adventure Theme Parks, Countryside Educational Centres, Arable and Livestock Agricultural Estates, Equestrian Centres and Outward Bound Training Centres

I Work by Keeping it Simple

1. First Consultation Visit

    • Simple H&S Audit to identify where you are and what may be required
    • Agreement on the way forward and cost
    • Agreement for onward services


2. Planned Consultations

  • Planned visits as agreed with a set of notes to confirm findings
  • Carry out any work that you believe you may not be able to undertake
  • 6 monthly formal review


3. Unplanned Consultations

  • Call in service as the need arises
  • Available only when I am in a travelable distance from you
  • Time charged on an hourly basis – minimum 2 hour charged plus agreed mileage
  • Phone consultations where practicable at no charge but only to existing clients


What Services Can I Offer?

Farm Diversification Schemes
Leisure Attractions & Educational
  • Advising on Health and Safety at Planning Stage
  • Planning Application Support
  • CDM Coordination
  • Staff Training
  • Best Practice Support and Implementation
  • Location Audits [Legal Compliance & Best Practice Application]
  • One Stop Shop Advice on H&S Issues [associate advice available on other issues including security and human resources]
  • Risk Profiling and Management
  • Local Authority and HSE Interface Support Services
  • Planning and Planning Appeals Support

Agriculture & Estate Services
  • Bespoke Safety Management Solutions and Process Control
  • Staff Training
  • Risk Management & Risk Control / Management
  • One Stop Shop Advice on H&S Issues [associate advice available on other issues including security and human resources]
  • Estate Safety Coordination / Monitoring
  • Root Cause Incident Investigation & Analysis
  • Litigation Support Services
  • Risk Profiles & Process Mapping
  • Agricultural / Public Interface Management
Endorsements of my Service

“British Eventing was very fortunate to have Ray Hipkin in its team when the full requirements of health and safety legislation became a reality to our sport. He translated what looked like a complete mine field of legislation into practical solutions with his pragmatic approach. By doing so he assisted us to introduce bench mark standards to our events that have become the model across many equestrian sports. British Eventing was awarded Lead Body status by our enforcing authorities as a result. He also converted the most sceptical members of our team and showed us that compliance is possible without obstructing the enjoyment we get from of our sport. We are pleased to say that Ray continues to assist us in our quest to prevent injury and to continually improve our performance in human and equine health, safety and welfare.”
Mike Etherington-Smith – Chef Executive, British Eventing

“Ray Hipkin has a style of health and safety management that is based on pragmatism and effective delivery of the professional standards I want for my organisation. He makes legislation seem straight forward and uncomplicated which means my team willingly work within the bench marks set. Ray’s hands-on approach lends itself to working as part of the team. He also takes time to understand how the organisation works and fits into that structure as well as the wishes of my clients. Ray is also willing to assist in other areas for the benefit of the project we are working on.”
Tim Henson – Director, Henson Franklyn Ltd

“Ray’s technical breadth of knowledge across health and safety and the legal apparatus through which Health and Safety regulation is enforced is excellent. Alongside his pragmatic, practical, approach to problem solving and his very accessible training style make Ray a formidable and very effective Safety Practitioner.”
Chris Jones – Director of Compliance, Health and Safety, Cory Environmental

“The National Farm Attraction Network have been really pleased to have the professional guidance, experience and knowledge of Ray Hipkin. Specifically in regard to our members having issues with spatial planning consent, his ability to simplify and have a very practical approach to statutory legislation, particularly Health & Safety, has been of enormous assistance.”
Barry Davies – The National Farm Attractions Network

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